Thursday, August 09, 2007

Tidbits !

Been caught up lately getting ready for shows that are coming up. Some really good things have happened recently. The large painting of "Farm Near Dunes, Guadalupe" won 2nd place in the Carpinteria show. Then on the day we were to pick it up at the end of the show I got a call that we needed to leave it there so a woman could come in to look at it again...well, she did and then bought it for her husband! SOLD!!! Tghat show also had a pretty well known Plein Air artist from Santa Barbara judge the show and I guess I'm doing something right because I had 2 pcs juried into it. So that got me pumped too.

The 2 pcs I took down to enter in the new show both made it in which is really cool because that show was judged by Arturo Tello, whose work I have seen and like a lot. Although the gallery is small down in Carp and they are just starting to have these show they are super organized and the quality of art is pretty high. Plus, the people putting on the show are great.

Tomorrow night is the reception for the new Carp show and the buyer of the painting said she will be there so I'm looking forward to meeting her husband who really liked that painting. On Saturday night I will be up in Morro Bay at the Artist Reception for the Natonal Show there...I was lucky enough to get 1 pce juried into that show too this year. Yahoo! They have some awesome art that gets into that show so I'm looking forward to seeing this years entries.

If that wasn't enough, the gallery owner up in Edna Valley called me and let me know she sold 2 of my paintings! Too cool! I need to get new work up to here to replace the ones we sold...and that's going to be ok since I've been painting like crazy for a show in December at the Los Olivos Cafe. They have 1 artist's work in there per month and mine is at the height of the Christmas shopping season. When it rains it pours! I'm keeping my fingers crossed I make at least 1 sale that month up there. Thinking of more sales will only jinx me!

Lastly...I'm scheduled to be the Featured Artist in Morro Bay in January so that's coming up too. I don't expect many sales from that show because we have only sold 1 painting there in the year we have been in there. I think it's a case of too much art and nowhere near enough customers. Each time I work a day up there I rearly get more than 5 people in the whole day of sitting the gallery. I have to admit though, art sales have been dead slow all year so far and I'm sure they aren't immune to that. They have a killer gallery and some of the nicest people I've met since getting into the art scene up here.

I hate to post without including a photo so here is one at a small outdoor show we did over the 4th of July holiday. That table there is filled with old battered American flags that will be bruned in a ceremony to dispose of them properly...they even had troops in dress blues from the local Airbase to officiate. VERY COOL!

By the way, I met a man and his wife there who bought 2 small paintings of mine for their new home they plan to retire in a few years. More good news!

Other than that, I've been making my own canvas covered panels to paint on and painting as fast as I can...nothing like a deadling to get you motivated!