Monday, May 18, 2015

Shell Beach Bluffs

 "Shell Beach Bluffs"
16"x20" Oil on Canvas

North of where I live is the tiny spot along the coast called Shell Beach. It is located just north of the beach city of Pismo which is famous for it's sand dunes. Shell Beach has wonderful bluffs jutting out from the ocean and great sea caves. This painting is of the bluffs there. Actually in this image, I left it out, are some fence posts and a gazebo. I would have painted it in but I really liked that sunlight hitting the bluffs and wanted to concentrate on that in this painting. The bluffs here are just wonderful looking, maybe I'll do another with the gazebo added in. Below is a cropped section of the painting showing the mustard plant. I liked how that came out so this is a larger version of that. The best part of this painting is what it looks like when you have lights on looks so cool when it's lit up...the light hitting the rocks really makes it come alive.