Monday, September 24, 2007

Big and Square

Just finished up on this piece....had to take a picture of it on my easel since it is the biggest canvas I've ever had on there. I was treated to it's progress each time I walked into my studio. I have done this one to actually take up more room on the walls of the restauraunt I will be showing at in Los Olivos in December. It's a big place and I needed much larger images to show there. This out to work.

Big canvases cost a fortune and I think if I do many of them down the line I'll make them myself since I have the canvas laying around...just need frames. I think the crazy thing about working large is just being able to see the dang thing. I had to back up across the room many times...most of the time I can get away with just leaning back. My hats off to people who work much larger than this but driving them around must be a job and half.

It was fun though.

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

National Show Pics...

Well, the Central Coast National Fine Art Competition came and went. Again, this years show was excellent with some fantastic art. Last year, I had been looking up plein air painters in California to see the level of painting and founf one I liked who ended up being in the show. This year, there was a piece from an artist in Hawaii who also posts on Wet Canvas! I need to send him a pic of his work in the show.

Sales were bad this year in the show but that was to be expected because all sales of art are way down this last year....good time for me to try getting into the art world eh? I should have gotten in back in the 70's because I've talked with artists from back then and they would tell me they couldn't paint fast enough. The one glimmer of hope is these same artists tell me to hang in there, art is cyclycle and better days will happen again.

I dropped my digital camera on my trip to Oregon and ever since when I take pics inside the bulk of them are blurred. I think I broke the combobulator in it. Anyway, here are some pics of the show that did come out...

Very long walls covered in killer art!

A view of the entrance to the gallery

Linda and our friend Jackie in front of my painting on top. Jackie is our Treasurer in the Morro Bay Art Association ...

Here is a shot of Linda in front of the painting from Hawaii. A great harbor scene.