Thursday, July 25, 2013

Goodbye Mr Guthrie

Leon Guthrie and me....
I've put art aside for a while because my heart really isn't into it at the moment. My Dad passed away peacefully from cancer a few weeks ago. My Dad lived a long good life. Like any son I can say my Dad meant the world to me and guided my life. My Dad provided for me as a child and was there for me when I became a man and ran into life's curveballs. My Dad believed in my art and helped me to love working with wood as much as he did. My Dad taught me how to appreciate Big Band music as well as Country music. My Dad came from humble beginnings and lived a humble life. Although my Dad never served in the military he appreciated that I did and was proud of me.
My Dad sort of forced me into playing football. He told me either I play or he was going to take me to the barber and get my hair cut. I signed on to play and they cut my hair anyway. My Dad was also clever. I now, and forever, was glad I played football. My Dad was wise.
My Dad made sure that 8 kids had a home to grow up in. He got them through school, sports, took them camping, fishing and fed them. My Dad did all of this and a lot more by simply going to work everyday and being there for all of us.
Later in my life I was going through my divorce and my Dad was there for me. 
I'm fortunate that I wasn't a kid who didn't get along with his Dad. I talked countless hours with my Dad over the years and was always amazed at how much he knew. I was handed down my Dad's wood working tools and will think of him everytime I walk into the garage...that of course will be when I'm not busy thinking of him all the rest of the day. Good work Leon.    

Friday, July 19, 2013

US Coast Guard Art Exhibit - Coos Bay

My painting above will be part of the US Coast Guard Art Exhibit at the Coos Art Museum in Coos Bay Oregon. This show will feature 18 COGAP artists and 12 of the artists are members of COGAP from the west coast. COGAP, US Coast Guard Art Program, is comprised of many professional juried artists living across the US who donate their work to the program to show the various missions performed by the US Coast Guard.

The Coos Art Museum is a great looking museum and has many diverse shows throughout the year. I strongly urge any of you that can get to the museum to stop by and see this show. 
Show Date - Aug 3 to Oct 5, 2013.

235 Anderson Ave. Coos Bay, Oregon
(541) 267-3901