Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Arroyo Seco Sycamore

"In The Arroyo"
22X28 Oil on Canvas
This is the second painting that has been juried into the California Art Club show in South Pasadena at the Fremont Gallery. I snapped this pic just after framing it. This is on the path just north of the Colorado Street bridge and the 210 freeway bridge. There are some really nice sycamore trees on that path that give awesome shade when it gets hot down there on the trail.
I had ordered another frame for the smaller painting but it didn't arrive on time for the turn in of work for the show. We did that on monday and that new frame I had ordered was leaning against my front door when we got home from turning in the work. If it wasn't for the 130 mile trip back down there I would have taken it down to switch the next day but with gas prices hovering just below $4 a gallon that isn't going to happen. 

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

South Pasadena Show

I'm happy to say that I finally got around to entering work into a California Art Club show going on in South Pasadena. I've missed a few due to other art projects going on and scheduling problems so it is nice to finally get back into one of their shows. I was very lucky and managed to get 2 paintings into this show and one of them was used for the show card. That painting looks better in the actual me. Anyway...if you're in the area this Saturday come on by. There is no fee to come to the gallery and check it out. This is a new gallery they are using this time so it will be nice to see the paintings hanging in a different place this time.
See you at the show!