Saturday, July 07, 2007

2nd Place!

"Farm Near Dunes, Guadalupe"
15"x30" Oil on Canvas

Well, the artists reception has come and gone for the "Calif" show in Carpinteria. One of my paintings, "Farm Near Dunes, Guadalupe", garnered the 2nd Place award. It was a great night once we got there.....took forever due to Santa Barbara traffic!

I learned some more lessons on pricing my work last night too. I always keep my eye on prices at shows comparing work and what other artists charge. If you want to get a feel for what you should be charging for your work go to art shows. It's too hard to judge the art online and seeing it in person gives you a better idea of what is close to your quality of work. Then compare the prices to your prices. Keep in mind the odd artist who feels that asking for the moon is going to validate their work as superior.....there is a lot of that going around. I saw a piece last night that was absolutely horrible. The artist was asking over $1000 and got it half way through the show....makes you want to cry after you quit laughing!

Anyway, when I woke up this morning I thought to myself that painting art is so much easier and less frustrating than trying to promote and sell it. At shows, I always have this feeling of being looked at as this desperate person trying to whore-out myself to make a sale. I counter that feeling by almost ignoring my art and keeping away from it so as not to look like that person. People say get over by your work, someone is looking at it...go talk to them. I hate doing that. I do it but I really hate doing it.


Bart said...

Congratulations Ron!

I know what you mean about painting being more fun than exhibiting. I didn't even feel like having an exhibition this year.

But people come to see the show voluntarily, right? It must be because they like to see paintings :-)

Ron Guthrie said...

Hi Bart,
You are right. I just dislike having to balance the salesman and the guy who I really am. It's not a big thing, just one of the many parts of being an artist, but one of the parts I dislike.
Some people are great to talk with and you can't spend everyday doing just the things you only feel comfortable with anyway.
....but I still hate the selling part. hahaha. Thanks Bart.

Teresa said...

Way to go Ron!!! I am really happy for you, well deserved! Boy can I relate to your post - it's not that I don't like people, although I am pretty solitary, but it is almost like you have to become a different person when it comes to selling! I'd hate it too, and completely understand what you feel when in those situations. Just let me paint, and I'll hire someone to play the part of "me" at the shows HaHaHa!

Again, congratulations!!!


Ron Guthrie said...

Hi Teresa,
You do have to be this different person at a show I think. You have to do some part of selling, wether it's talking to possible customers about the art or about art in general.
I've been told by others to make sure I am standing in front of my art so whoever I am talking to sees my work in the background so it is on their mind. I've been told that no matter where the conversation goes...always bring it back to my art.
It's a whole other animal I suppose. I think it's a lot like going to a party where you know no one and are expected to socialize with whoever looks your way. I've never been good at that. Something to learn.
Thanks Teresa.

Julianne said...

congrats Ron! I always really liked that painting. Well deserved for you!

Yeh, I hate the promotion thing too.... but it's just another game which can be helpful if one learns how to play it and see it for what it is (nothing more than that).

Bart said...

A nice comparison about the party and feeling like having to be social to everybody looking your way.

I have some trouble when I realise that people are more inclined to buy a painting when they know me. That's why they want to talk to me and I have to be there and be social if I want to sell.

But it's like they want to buy a piece of me in stead of just my painting. I would prefer if it was the painting what it is all about, not me.

Ron Guthrie said...

Hi Julianne - Thanks, I'm glad you liked this one...I liked it the minute it started to materialize. It's one of those paintings that painted itself...I love those types. I'm trying to learn that game. Not easy.

Hi Bart - People only buying your art after they get to know you is something I'm sure happens all of the time. Personally, I think buying a piece of art because you love it is a much better reason to buy a piece of work.

You're right, It's about art, not the artist. Answering questions about the painting is one thing but I really feel if I love a painting then I'd buy it whether the artist was standing there or not.

Plein Air Florida said...

Happy for you Ron. An excellent painting.

Ron Guthrie said...

Hi Linda,
Thanks for the comments and for stopping by and taking a look.