Monday, December 08, 2008

The Painting Continues...

I had a great time at the California Art Club show this last saturday. Some really great friends of mine showed up and we all went to dinner afterwards. You'd have to know my friends to realise how much a group of people can laugh all through dinner. It is really an honor to have your friends show up to support you at one of these shows.
I was very lucky at the show and managed to sell one of the paintings before the reception ended. A major bonus there. I also was able to meet the woman who purchased the painting and speak to her for a good amount of time....another bonus, meeting the buyer. A very nice person.
The painting she bought was one I had sitting here waiting for a good frame and I must have stared at that painting a hundred times. I loved how that painting came of my best so far.
There was some really super paintings in this show. The judges I think had to go through some 200 paintings that were entered and whittle it down to 41. From seeing the work that made it in it must have been a tough job. Judging has to be a very tough job at times.

I was also able to speak with some of my fellow artists there which is really one of the best things about these shows. All artists have one thing in common...we all are trying our best to make good paintings. That can really be tough at times because you never know how a painting will look to others. The paintings I think are my best are usually not the ones that get the attention so sometimes you have to accept the ones you personally feel didn't quite make it and know that some of those are going to be the ones people rave about. I know other artists go through this and it is something we share. The ups, the downs, paintings that get in the show or don't...these are common experiences we go through so meeting artists, and knowing without even asking, that we share these experiences is really special. It bonds us together.
Painting, and knowing what you are painting can sometimes fool you. Recently, a person who really knows his art looked at one of my works and said it looked too much like a painting influenced by Eloy Espoy. The nice thing was that somehow one of my paintings looked similar to such a great painters work. The bad thing is that I didn't set out to do that. The scary thing is that I could do that subconciously without knowing it. I have seen Espoy's work and I really love his work but trying to do someone elses work is not a cool thing to do even subconsiously. I now look at that painting and wonder what I'm going to do with it. It has my trees. Poppies and lupine? Lots of people paint those....especially if you live in California. So, it sits here hanging on the wall until I do something one way or the other. I suppose going through this experience now connects me to a hundred other artists who have done a painting like this and sit at their Blog typing their thoughts about what to do with that sort of painting...which is probably hanging on their wall too!


Mark Bridges said...

Morning. I don't know which painting you're referring to (link it) but I have enjoyed the all of the Cali landscapes you have shared so far. But, perhaps you could consider, adding in a vaguely rendered period figure or animal. You know, on those trails through the fields put a hiker or just a counter point colored bird or little animal. That's just my 2 cents. Your paintings REMIND me of Grandville Redmonds, I can't recall who Espoy is. Worst case, you have a wonderful painting ready for those fund raiser auctions.

Ron Guthrie said...

Hi Mark,
I always debate adding a figure like you mentioned but have yet to do it. Figures always grab way too much attention. I don't mind being associated with either of these painters...really a compliment. Collectors seem to mind though so I've got to watch letting too much of anyones influence in my work....funny thing, music nowadays is not original. Musicians are influenced by everyone who has come before them and they have heard. I don't see why it is really a bad thing that painters fall into the same boat as musicians. The personal style that is in all artists will always show through and keep you from ever doing an exact copy. My 2 cents.
Thanks Mark.

Marian Fortunati said...

Hi Ron,
It was great seeing you there at the CAC show and CONGRATULATIONS!!! That is sooooooooooooooo wonderful that one of your paintings sold!!
Very interesting post.
Never heard of Espoy, but I'll look him up. And to have your paintings compared with Redmond's is awesome. .... All of us are influence by artists we admire, but I think most of us create work which is uniquely ours...
Congrats again!
Well deserved, Ron...

Ron Guthrie said...

Hi Marian,
It was really great to see you there. Your bridge painting for the So. Pas show was excellent work Marian!

I was able to speak to Ernie & Carole Garland which was cool. I also spoke at length with Jerome Lipetzky whose work I've been watching. All good people.

It was great talking to you too Marian. I also meant what I said about your Dad...very smart guy! You must be proud.
Looking forward to seeing you again Marian.

Troylet said...

Hey Ron, I think you got most of us searching the web for Espoy. I finally found him, and not to negate your compliment, which you certainly deserve, but I think the fact that Espoy is also a California impressionist is where the similarities end. Your use of varied, and somewhat softer edges, which, by the way, evoke a very enjoyable emotional feel, are in somewhat stark contrast to Espoy's use of, and sometimes plentiful use of, hard edges. So much so, that his work takes on a very focused look to the detriment of depth. If that makes any sense. I tried to send you a pic, but I guess I'm not that computer savvy yet. Anyway there's my two cents. Love your work Ron. I really look forward to your new postings.
God Bless,

Ron Guthrie said...

Hi Troy,
I appreciate the comments. It is hard to explain I guess. In a nutshell, he felt that painting was infuenced by Espoy. I'm kind of drawn at the line about it. There are elements in there that are similar to various Espoy paintings but not in any one Espoy painting. I guess he felt the influence and that was enough to make the comparison.

If I looked at most of my paintings I could probably pick out things that seem to come from various painters I like too. I really don't feel that my style is being drawn from any one painter I know of though. I have so many bookmarked that I like I doubt I could pick a favorite or any one of them over the others to try and emulate.

Glad you caught the edge work of both of us...I'm seeng images of his in my head and he did have crisper edges now that you mentioned it. Good eye Troy.
No big deal...I don't think any of the Early California Impressionists have a copyright on poppies and lupine anyway, hahahaha....if they did a lot of us would be in serious trouble! hahaha. Thanks Troy.

Troylet said...

Hi Ron,
I don't want to take up your time, but there was something that I had failed to mention in my last post. I've gone back through your posted work, and I have to say that your skill level has exploded recently. Some of your latter work just blows me away, compared to where you were in 2006. I should say, just blows me away period. I see you using new techniques such as scratching through paint layers for grass effects in some of your paintings, (looks like it online anyway) to great success, and your nocturnes (I mean it) are some of the best I've seen. I predict you'll be courted by some heavy hitting galleries soon. It's true, you have to paint miles of canvas to hone your skills, which I know you have, because it's showing. You give me hope!. Keep upping (sp?) the ante Rone.
God Bless,

its me said...

but where is the painting

Ron Guthrie said...

Troy - I'm on the late show here. Thanks for the kind words. I'd like to think each painting is another step forward butthe reality of that is sometimes it takes a few paintings to make that step. Lots of fun most of the time trying to get there.
I was contacted by a gallery in October and told to hang on till Feb for them to finish up shows they had that the economy is in a hole I'm wondering if I will hear goes the fun of art....

it's me - I haven't posted it because I'm still toying with making changes. When it's done I'll get it in here. Thanks!