Friday, August 28, 2009

Vineyard Alla Prima

"Kalyra Eve"

12 X 24 Oil on Canvas
I'm going to do a Plein Air show at the Faulkner vineyard in Temecula. The Faulkner Winery Fall Art Invitational is on November 7 & 8. ( click here for info on that... )

I'll be painting both days in their vineyards along with many very, very good artists. If you can make it please stop is their Barrel Tasting Festival during harvest time down there.

To brush up on that type of painting I will go do some plein air pieces locally at our vineyards. Before that though I decided to do a few Alla Prima pieces to work some things out and get my speed up to snuff (Alla Prima - to do a painting in one sitting). This painting is the first of those and was done this morning in about 2 hours. It is 12"x24" oil on canvas. Not blazing speed but I'll get a little quicker before November. I'll post the upcoming alla prima pieces and plein air pieces as they roll off the the way, I finally bought a French easel to try out. Looks pretty cool and after rubbing on more wood conditioner it looks even cooler!

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