Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Kalyra Vineyard

Kalyra Vines
12" X 16" Oil on panel
This vineyard runs along the south side of the Santa Ynez valley. Below the vineyard run the Santa Ynez mountain range seen here in the distance. I tried to paint this one Alla Prima but everytime I plan on doing an alla prima that never happens...things pop up that need taking care of etc....in my opinion, you need to sneak up on alla prima work, hahaha.

Anyway, this one is more practice for the show down in Temecula next week.


Mick Carney said...

Usual lovely work. Delightful delicacy in background hills and strong yt subtle greens in vines. Just caught up with the fact that you have a book out. Checked it out on Blurb and it looks great. Now have to check where to get it here in UK.

Ron Guthrie said...

Hi Mick,
Thanks for the comments on the painting...there are a lot of variances to be found when doing a vineyard scene....I have a feeling I'm going to find a lot of them.

Just finished the book which was fun to put together. They can ship it to you Mick.

James F. Smith said...

Have not been online at the wetcanvas for a while. I had been posting with you a long time ago. Just found your blog!! Very good my friend!! Have been painting the last three years Plein Aire. Have a group of about 10 people that go out into the area. If you happen to come to the Portland Oregon (Hillsboro Or) Swing by and we can paint!! Have a great day and lets paint!

Ron Guthrie said...

Hi James,
Man it's good to hear from you. People come and go at WC so it is always great to hear from some of the ones who have slipped away.

I was over at your blog checking out what you have been up to. Looks great James. You really are turning out some great pieces. Nice to see the images showing the areas you are out there painting too.

Although I really don't have any plans to get up to Oregon in the near future I will surely get a hold of you if we do head up there. I think Oregon has some spectacular places to paint. A friend of mine lives in Grants Pass and a few years ago we were there and drove out through the redwoods back into CA. Lots of beautiful areas to paint there.

Thanks again for stopping by James, keep up the very good work up there. It's been great to hear from you again!