Monday, December 14, 2009

Motor Lifeboat CG

Motor Lifeboat Training
18" X 24" Oil on canvas
Just finished up this painting that I will be submitting to the Coast Guard soon. This is a Motor Lifeboat training in the heavy surf up in Bodega Bay in Northern California. You've got to admire Coasties for their determination to train for the worst in their efforts to help out the stranded mariner. Who you gonna call?....the Coast Guard! My reference photo for this painting was taken by a CG member and he caught this ML in a great scene busting through a hugh wave that evokes the danger and the determination of these men to do the job they train for. All I did was try to capture the scene on canvas.
This type of painting is very different from my usual soft landscapes. Detail and crisp edges are best for this type of work and my training with pen & ink has long prepared me for detail and sharp edges. Using a brush is just a bit slower. Going larger, 18" X 24" made the detail work much easier too. I like doing these CG paintings as it fulfills my love of Marine art and gives me a nice challenge to learn painting water and waves. I admire the work of Blossom and Thimgan, both now gone. I also like contemporary painters Byron Pickering and Martin Clarke. Both have a unique way of painting the I actually know these guys! hahahaha. Marty was the first artist to help me out when I was learning to paint the ocean and has been a great inspiration and friend since those early days and I have a great DVD by Bryon who is a wonderful gentle soul.
Some details of the painting....


Marian Fortunati said...

Hi Ron..

You continue to amaze me!! This is really fabulous. The CG will be thrilled.
Hope they let you know where the painting will be traveling this time!!

Happy Holidays to you!!

Ron Guthrie said...

Hi Marian,
Actually, this still needs to be submitted to the CG and then they do the jurying in NY at the Salmagundi club next month I think. I'm crossing my fingers though.
Last year I had a painting of a CG helicopter get juried in. That was nice because I had never painted an aviation piece....always a first time.

By the way... I missed your show reception with the California Art Club because we had our small works show in Los Olivos the same night.

Thanks for the good words Marian. Have a great Christmas!

Mick Carney said...

And this from the man who claims to have difficulty in rendering water. Ron, you have produced a fabulous piece that captures the spirit of the work that these men do and also demonstrated a high degree of technical ability in all aspects of the work. Absolutely first class.

James F. Smith said...

Very good piece!! I was on a few of the rough trips in a 36' and a 40' Coastie in the Golden Gate area and also in the Oregon coast at Winchester Bay. Your piece really reminded me of the early

Ron Guthrie said...

Hi Mick - I have experimented with painting water over the years and there is some good progress being made I think. I actualy need to do lots more of it though to feel proficient at it. I'm really happy with the painting and I submitted it with the CG couple of days ago. Now to wait for the jurying. Thanks Mick.

Hi James - Thanks a whole bunch for that James. I'm glad the painting is strong enough to evoke such memories. My hats off to you guys going through all of that. I was watching some of these boats on and surprized at how much of a beating they can take...very, very impressive. Thanks again James.

Anonymous said...
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Just Another College Student said...
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Ron Guthrie said...

From Just Another College Student

Hi Ron,

I'm new to your blog and was just making sure- do you take the photographs and then paint them? Or do you paint photographs that interest you?

Had to delete a Chinese advertisement that was posted and accidentally took your post out too. I've re-posted it above...
This one was worked from a photograph taken by a Coast Guard member.
Everything else is painted from my own photographs, done Plein Air or from imagination.
Thanks, Ron