Monday, January 18, 2010

Bluffs at East Mesa

"Bluffs at East Mesa"
12" X 16" Oil on panel
Finished this one up tonight. This is an alla prima painting of the bluffs at East Mesa near Ledbetter Beach in Santa Barbara. There is a very pretty view of the ocean and Santa Barbara harbor from there. A nice little park winds along the bluffs so it would be a cool spot to paint from....a little too many people though. I am determined to paint coastal bluffs better so I'm sure these will be popping up from time to time. It's not like I don't have enough reference material either. The California coast, especially around here, is full of nice bluffs to paint. I feel guilty that I haven't painted them more often. I love how they look and when the morning sun or late afternoon sun hits them they just glow. There is an artist named Richard Humphrey who has done some wonderful paintings of coastal bluffs...some of his work wll make you drool.


Marian Fortunati said...


YOUR work makes me drool... I'll look up Richard Humphrey (and thanks for the reference) but WOW, Ron... This is amazing!!!

Ron Guthrie said...

Hi Marian,
When you go to the CAC website look up the artist member painters and click on "H"....look at the painting Humphrey used for his website link...killer work! I love that painting. That guy can paint bluffs along the ocean.

One day I'm going to paint a great bluff painting Marian....of course only I will like it but the judges won't, hahahaha. They never like anything I do.