Monday, April 12, 2010

California Oak

"California Oak"
6"x6" Oil on panel
A simple scene of an oak tree lining a valley. Oak and eucalyptus trees are two of the trees that stand out most in the California landscape....another close tree would be the palm tree which I'm' not sure is even a tree at all....but when you see their size growing along Colorado blvd in Pasadena what else could you call it but a tree. When I was growing up in Pasadena my elementary school had oak trees out in the playground and along some of the bungalows. Their acorns always gave us hours of fun throwing at each other. And of course sooner or later you had to break one open and taste it since we all knew the indians ate them...not very tasty at all. Probably because of school my first memories of trees are of the oak. Fitting.

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