Tuesday, June 28, 2011

South Pasadena Show

I'm happy to say that I finally got around to entering work into a California Art Club show going on in South Pasadena. I've missed a few due to other art projects going on and scheduling problems so it is nice to finally get back into one of their shows. I was very lucky and managed to get 2 paintings into this show and one of them was used for the show card. That painting looks better in the actual flesh....trust me. Anyway...if you're in the area this Saturday come on by. There is no fee to come to the gallery and check it out. This is a new gallery they are using this time so it will be nice to see the paintings hanging in a different place this time.
See you at the show!    


Dianne said...

Congratulations Ron! I'm a member of CAC too. A very new member, joined about two months ago. It's the San Francisco Chapter, so I don't get to the Pasadena events very often, but how wonderful to be in it. And to get one of your works on the card too. Landscapes have not been part of my rep. until very recently, so I'm in a learning curve, but I've been to two plein air events so far and learned a lot from watching the other artists. Well, I should make this brief...too late, so Congratulations again! And I'm glad you posted again.

Mick Carney said...

Great stuff Ron. I've been missing you recently. have you been lying low or just taking a break?

Ron Guthrie said...

Hi Dianne, Welcome to the CAC....not like I'm some sort of offical or anything but Welcome anyway.. That's a good chapter to be out of up there with some really good artists, Mark Farina and Terry Miura to name just a couple. Thanks for the comments Dianne...let me know when you get your work into one of the shows too!

Hi Mick, there are about 5 shows coming up that I'm involved with so I've been framing and working on shipping work out in the mail....what a hassle shipping is. I should break down and buy Strongboxes, boxes from a company that are made for shipping artwork. They are very expensive though so I keep reverting to normal packaging.

Hint....when entering shows you'd have to ship work to enter smaller paintings to cut down on your shipping costs. When shipping work to a show you have to pay for return shipping also....plus non refundable insurance both ways.

Will post more work soon though. Thanks Mick!