Saturday, July 09, 2011

Frames...and Making Lemonade

Straight out of the box....
I order my frames from a company who, for me, has the best prices and some of the best looking frames. I dig their frames and they have a good selection. Unfortunately, I've had to repair some of these frames and usually wait up to 2 months to get them. But, you can't beat their price and they have great looking frames that I like. I'd buy my frames locally, and that means most of central and southern California, but I'd have to pay about 1/2 to 2/3's more cost...and for the same frames. But that's California, we love paying more for gas, milk, real estate, cereal, meat, and frames.

In my shop it goes....
Being a starving artist who orders frames as needed, which means as needed really soon for a show, I end up repairing the damage so life can go on. I received a frame today, dusty and about half of the inner part wasn't stapled together so I took it all apart and then fixed it. I made lemonade.

All fixed!
This economy is horrible to art sales and you have to do what you can to keep costs down and things moving. Yesterday, I finished making 8 small 6x6 oak frames for some smaller pieces and was on cloud nine with how good they came out. Up down, Up down...hahaha. Thank God I took wood shop in high school.


Suetois said...

Boy, when you're done with it, that frame looks great! AFA the state of the art market: *I'd* buy your work and feel lucky to own it--but I suspect you're too good for my budget. I had to settle for buying one of your books. I'm just glad you have that available. Anyway, good luck with finding a good home for this painting. It's beautiful.


Rolina said...

Frames are the costliest part of making a painting and economising where and when you can is very sensible in these tight times.

Lovely frame, even lovelier painting - you did a great job!

Marian Fortunati said...

You PAINTINGS are what sell your art, Ron... Although you've made that frame look terrific.

What does the frame co say when you tell them about the condition of the frames when they arrive???

Most of us couldn't do what you do with the frames. (or the paint.)

Love your work!

Ron Guthrie said...

Hi Sue...thanks for getting the book!!! Too cool. I used a brad gun to fix the frame so it wasn't that bad a job...just an annoyance I guess....and I wish I was too good, haha. I'm on the same path as you Sue. Thanks!

Hi Rolina...Thanks too for the comments on the art. Keeping the costs down when it comes to framing for the artist is a balancing act...good frames vs economizing. It's always interesting for sure.

Hi Marian...We were workng out in the yard when the frame arrived just before 5 so haven't had time to complain to them yet. I have taken pics in the past of any damage and emailed them to their company but have never once heard back. Will send the latest pics too but expect nothing.

Standing behind your product seems to be a thing of the past and with online companies it's even worse I think. I've sold prints online and always kept good email contact with each buyer. Never had any damage and always keeping them informed of shipping times etc.
Like I said, this company has the best looking frames and I can't beat their prices so I'll keep buying from them unless someone else comes along with a better deal.

Gorgeous painting you have the current California Art Club show Marian!!!