Sunday, August 12, 2012

26th Annual Quick Draw Los Olivos

I was invited again this year to particpate in the Quick Draw event up in Los Olivos. This is a really fun event (nervous fun for painters) and we had a good time last year. Some really good artists in this event and a fun day spent in a small country town. I was so nervous last year it took most of the fun out of it for me personally but Linda had a good time, haha. They had this really cool BBQ going on too, BBQ'd tri tip sandwiches....oh man!

I met some really cool artists, some who had driven very far just to be in this event. I've always been involved in other art things going on the same day they did the Quick Draw before but managed to get there in time to see who painted what. Big crowd and pretty fun to see these artists go from nothing to a finished and framed painting in 1 hour. After that they auction the paintings off which is almost as nerve racking as doing the actual painting under a time limit. If something goes wrong or isn't working out you don't have the extra time to correct it...Then you have to stand there and watch your goof being auctioned to a very large crowd....ugh!

Anyway....if you are up around Los Olivos California on Saturday the 18th try and stop by. I'll be the guy with the large beads of sweat pouring down his forehead whispering little prayers to the art gods....On Friday the 17th they are having a preview wine & desert show can see all of the details here.


Marian Fortunati said...

I'm just reading this, so I can't wish you well, but I'm sure you did wonderfully!!

And lucky bidder who gets your painting!!

Hope to see you one day soon.

Ron Guthrie said...

Hi Marian,
The show went great....not as great as last year but that was to be expected, haha. My painting sold at the auction and I also sold two small pieces in the silent auction. I was approached for an invitational show in November that I might do if I can get there...timing-wise it's close to our Studio Tour so I'm trying to figure out the schedule and costs. It would be lots of fun though.