Friday, November 02, 2012

Morro Bay Streetscene

Painting of Morro Bay Streetscene....
12"x16" Oil on Canvas Covered Panel
I painted this scene a few years back and recently pulled it out to do some minor touch ups to it. It will be one of the paintings I will enter into the upcoming California Art club show in Pasadena later this month. The scene was from a reference photo I took while working the gallery at Morro Bay. Next door was a cute little bookstore that had these planters out front in full bloom despite the off and on rains that day. No tourists were out due to the rains so I walked outside to snap some photos of this and other scenes of the street. I don't paint a lot of flowery paintings so this was one of my early attempts to do so. It wasn't bad so I eventually framed it and showed it in 1 or 2 shows around town. Landscapes are so much easier to paint because they don't have any architecture to deal with which is why I try to paint the countryside instead of streetscenes. I should do more of them though since I could always use the practice. Paint what you love because everything else you paint is just work, hahaha.
A closer look at those intimidating flowers...well, they were to me at the time I painted them. Painting the half barrels was a lot of fun so maybe I'll try those in another painting down the line.


Mick Carney said...

Super composition and an interesting change of subject. You should do more architectural subjects as your drawing skills are so well developed that they will yield lots of strong pictures.

Ron Guthrie said...

Thanks Mick! I like doing them but not as much as landscapes. Streetscenes just take longer for me to paint. I'm sure that more of them will come in time.