Friday, March 01, 2013

Trail and Trees

"Trail To Evening"
8"x10" Oil on panel

Working in the same vein as the previous painting to try slight little variances. I'm still messing with getting my trees to look right. I like to trying things out, playing with shape and color, lighting etc. Always something to learn and workout and I've yet to be satisfied with any of them, haha.

Some details of the painting.....
I like the trail and wish I had raised it up higher. I'm worried the frame edge will cover too much of it...oh well, live and learn.



Louise said...

Ron, use a floater frame in this one. Problem gone. Nice piece.


Ron Guthrie said...

Hi Louise,

Yeah, that though had crossed my mind too. If I did that I would have to glue on some sort of backing since this is just a panel, not a stretched canvas with stretcher bars to screw into. Good suggestion Louise.