Wednesday, October 02, 2013

Cambria Surf

 "Cambria Surf"
20"x 24" Oil on Canvas

On Thursday our modem died on us. Of course, we didn't know it was the modem for at least a day of checking other things first. During a test with the phone guy he decided our modem was too old and he'd send us a new one. By Sunday I couldn't take waiting any longer and we just bought one to get back online. I hated using my phone to check my email and not being able to post with easy from using my desktop computer....the new modem arrived yesterday of course so it is now my spare.

While all of that was going on I was doing some research into painting more marine scenes. I've done them in the past but it is good to read and check out images online to try and improve ones work. The scene above incorporated some things I hadn't tried yet and I consider it like all other paintings as another step towards being a better painter. I'm really not finished with this one yet. I was to glaze the background to push the distance and ad some haze to the bluffs and rocky waters. I was going to paint that in but I hadn't glazed in a while and glazing is fun...well, waiting to glaze isn't fun, I actually hate waiting for the paint to dry enough to glaze. The thing about glazing is brushing on the glaze and watching the background develop into what you want it too with each pass of stuff!

Speaking of marine paintings.....when I was stationed in Germany I acquired a book by a well known marine painter. In this book were the most awesome depictions of water I've ever scene. The trouble is to this day I cannot remember the artists name. Yes, I've already hunted all over for his work online but have never seen any. He did a lot of merchant marine ships in East coast harbors such as NY. One of these days I will stumble across his work I'm can't paint that well and not be well known.    


Anonymous said...

Just to throw a name out there, could the artist have been John Stobart? A well known marine painter. East coast guy. Did do large ships. Had a PBS show for a while, doing plain air work. He has some books out and you can find images of his work online. Born in 1929. I believe he may still be living.

Anonymous said...

Gotta love spell check changing plein air to plain air.

Ron Guthrie said...

Thanks for the suggestion about Stobart. I saw some of his paintings at the Maritime Museum in Oxnard a few years ago and they were awesome. During my search last night I totally was amazed at other paintings Stobart had done in the past, holy smokes, that guy can paint!

I hunted around last night for a few hours but found only 1 image of a commercial ship he had painted. His buildings and backgrounds look like the guy I remember but hard to tell with only sailing ship paintings. I think this old book was mainly commercial Merchant Marine type ship paintings.

Another artist whose water I really love and has the same type of look is Thomas Hoyne but again all I can find are sailing ship images he had painted.

I'll keep hunting. Maybe find more images of that era painted by John Stobart. I'm sure I'll enjoy his work in that search, haha. Thanks again for the help.