Friday, March 13, 2015

Photo of a barn in Wisconsin
Back Again....
Well, I had to take some time off from my life of art and go back to work for a while. I decided to do this at the start of last summer and it has lasted up until 2 weeks ago. There was a chance to go to work for a period of time that would take me all over the US and I could use the money so I took it. The job had nothing to do with art at all. In fact the whole deal would have been a culture shock had I not done this type of work before. So, I bit the bullet and proceeded.
There is one hook about it all though, I was able to use my time out there taking a gazillion reference photos which I did. Honestly, I think I took about 15,000 photos. I was able to photograph the desert, the plains, the rockys, the warmth and gloom of Washington State, stand and snap photos along a pier in Massachussets of the Atlantic ocean, snowstorms in MO, WI, KS, MN, IL, WY, NE, UT, NV, OH, PA, NY, NH, CT, SD and OK. There was a lot of weather out there and of course I have a new found appreciation for just how large our country is. 
I did one commission while I came home for a few days, a restored airplane for a woman and her husband who live in Los Olivos. I also sold two paintings and a print while I was gone too so a little bit of art snuck in during that time. I was also contacted by a gallery back East so I'm in the middle of dealing with them, I'm hoping that works out well....sort of a new fresh start again as I am sorting things out here and readying for paint to start flying.
The experience was just that...more experience. I'm happy that art was always on my mind and I've been able to add to my never ending supply of reference photos, yahoo! I'm more than glad to be back and soon will be painting away.     


David King said...

I'm glad to see you're back Ron. I was wondering what happened to you.

Jim Serrett said...

Sounds like an adventure, I am sure inspiration will come from it.

Ron Guthrie said...

Hi David,
Yeah, sort of just dropped off the radar. All done now so should be back to painting soon. I've got a honeydo list a mile long! Thanks.

Hi Jim,
There are a lot of scenes I like in different seasons, so yeah, I'm sure more than a few paintings will happen from all of that time out there. Thanks too Jim.

Christine Brallier said...

Wow! I'd like to know what kind of work you were doing to be traveling all over the country! Glad you're getting back to your art. Look forward to what inspiration came from your travels. :)

Ron Guthrie said...

Hi Christine,
Funny, I haven't had time to go through any of the new images to work from yet. There is plenty though so hopefully I'll get into some of those pieces. Thanks!