Monday, February 12, 2007


I do have a love of fishing boats. So much so that I orginally began to paint as a means to see my drawings of boats become painted boats. These are two of my first completed boat paintings from that quest.
This first one if titled "Eureka Boatyard" and comes from a photo I snapped while stopping for an hour in Eureka, California at the harbor.

"Eureka Boatyard"

12"x16" Oil on Ray Mar panel

The second image is one done of some boats moored in the main channel up in Morro Bay. Behind them is the sandbar that forms the harbor there. I'll do more boats in the future so I can really do them well one day. I like both of these paintings and consider them a great start. Painting landscapes has taught me many lessons in learning to paint and payed off well in creating these two paintings.

"Channel Mooring"

5"x7" Oil on Masonite panel


Larry Seiler said...

I share your love of boats, father having been a fishing guide on Lake Michigan, and both he and I serving in the navy.

One of the treats for me painting in Alaska last summer was to see all the seining boats.

You've got serious skills, and I like the variety of your subject contect!!! Good stuff. I enjoyed looking thru your blog's work. Impressive...and no doubt the stuff of the artist's life!! Keep it up...!!!! Wonderful...

Ron Guthrie said...

Sounds like you're Dad and you have been around the water a long time to admire that. Fishing in Alaska is a risky business but can really pay well. You must have had a great time up there during your workshop. I'd love to go there someday.
Your large painting still has my jaw dropped. You really nailed that water Larry. I'm always watching!
Thanks for the kind words.

Leslie Pease said...

Details in both these pieces are amazing as is the palette.

Ron Guthrie said...

Hi Leslie,
I actually am a major boatlover and wanting to paint boats and water was what initially got me into taking a painting class back in college. That was a terrible time and I never painted either in that class. Learned it from good old Walter Foster books....and staring at a million paintings by other artists of course.
I'm still learning to do water which I think is harder than anything I've tried so far. I'm amazed at artists who do it well, let alone who can make it look realistic at the same time.