Monday, February 12, 2007

Solvang Nocturne 1

Nocturnes.....the first one I ever saw was one painted by Whistler...famed artist who painted what is commonly known as "Whistlers Mother" but is really titled "Arrangment in Grey and Black No.1". Whistler did many nocturnes. I've seen many nocturnes painted by artists I know and it also added to my desire to try a nocturne. Nocturnes are not easy and this is my attempt to do one that wasn't totally terrible. I'll do a simpler one next time.

This is actually a scene outside of where I live looking towards the neighbors house next door on a hill. It was a challenge to do and worth the effort for the lessons I learned while doing it. If I painted nocturnes for the next year I'd get much better at them....or I'd cut my ear off.


Kitty said...

I absolutely love this! It looks so warm and welcoming - the feeling of coming home after a long day. I've never tried a nocturne yet, but this work inspires me to try.

Ron Guthrie said...

Hi Kitty,
This was my first attempt at a nocturne...I think it looks ok but for some reason it reminds me of something you'd see as a book illustration. I'll try one again but I'll make sure it comes out much differently. Thanks!!

Syd and Earl "Cueball" McCutcheon said...

Ron, I LOVE this! Looks like you have been busy. Hope the SLO show is going good.

Ron Guthrie said...

Hi Syd,
The show was pretty cool. They really had a nice opening night and I ran into Randee (Ward) and her husband plus a lot of people from the Morro Bay Art Association.
The piece I entered sold that night which was REALLY cool!
Missed you at the in-gathering the other day. I'll talk to you soon.