Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Garden Tour

We had a pretty good show, slow day but a good show. I say good because we had no wind, no troubles and all of the artists had great setups and very good art. Also, Jean, whose house I was invited to show at, had an awesome yard to show art and she and her son and hubby went all out to give us a cool place to setup. First Rate! And, most importantly, we all had a fun time that day doing out thing with lots of laughs.

I'm learning that selling art at a fair type of event means you are not going to sell large expensive pieces as much as you are going to sell small items under $100.00 such as mini pieces, notecards, matted prints (not framed) etc....In the desire to not lug a ton of stuff to this show I stupidly didn't take enough prints of various subjects and I have no small prints of my paintings at all yet...will I ever learn!? I sold 2 prints for the entire day but had lots of fun with my fellow artists. Some shows are like that but I did learn about what I need to add to my display at small art shows. I'm going to get better at this if it kills me! hahahaha.

Here are some photos of the day....

My setup....My umbrella went up when the sun came out....hint, keep your shrink-wrapped art out of the sun or it will sweat ruining your prints. I always cover mine in shade no matter what!Jean's setup....this girl was out to make money!
Syd's setup...customers already lined up blocking my shot. Another artist ready for raking in the cash! I waited to get a clear shot of the backyard littered with ART....what great setups and killer work all around....Lots O' Art.Jean's yard is so tropical looking and she has great grass. I live on a hillside and have Native grass which means once summer rolls around we have brown grass!
Check out Syd's easel on the right hand side...her hubby made these out of garden lattice bought at Home Depot, super light to carry and worked great. Note the excellent setup of smaller items under $100...an artist on the ball! How proudly she stands! I was working with art sale veterans that day!

Here is what my view of Jean's area looked like most of the day...customers customers customers. She did really well and it goes to show that planning pays off. Jean is totally a veteran of selling art and knows what the heck she is doing....how do I know this?, because I had to help her pack some of her sold paintings! I'm doing another show thatJean is in charge of later this month so I'm going to gear up with things I've learned here and hope for a better day.


Teresa said...

Hi Ron!

Awesome! Boy do I live in the wrong place Ha-Ha!! Looks like a lovely day and a beautiful yard to display art. I enjoyed seeing the pictures!

Haven't painted much for a week or so - too busy with my graphic design business but I have a fresh canvas on the easel beconing to me right now! :O) I look forward to seeing more of your work!

Ron Guthrie said...

Hi Teresa,
I used to go through Reno a lot and I know how fun the Winters can be up in that part of the woods. Of course, everytime I jump on the roads and freeways here theres a cop every couple of miles so it's not that much of a paradise.

Sometimes I get that feeling that I need to do more than just paint "painterly", I need to do painterly things so I decided to make my own canvas covered panels out of canvas and masonite. I'm in the middle of that so when I finish up I'll post pics of some of the work there....then it's back to painting.