Friday, June 01, 2007

Small Works Painting

I'm going to be participating in a Garden Tour show. These are shows that Guilds have where artists show some of their works in the backyards of various artists homes. Usually there are about 3-6 artists at each of the homes. The guild sells a program that includes a map to each home and you have the have the program to get in. Each program allows 2 guests to enter to see or buy the works of the artists. It's a nice way to meet potential customers and in general have a good time joking about the lengths you'll go to sell your work! hahaha. If you don't have one of these in your area get one started...they are actually pretty fun.

This is one of the small paintings I did a few weeks ago...took less than an hour to do. I want to show some normal sized works and felt like doing some smaller works...much easier to carry to the show. I was in a framers shop and he wanted me to buy some small 5X5 frames he had laying around but I didn't have any 5X5, Gary the framer just happened to have a boatload of them so if I bought the small frames he'd give me the canvases for each one....not a bad deal eh? I picked up a couple and this was the first one painted.

I quickly cropped a reference photo into a square image a this is what happened. Here it is in the small frame for it....


les lull said...

Love the atmosphere in this one Ron. William Hook does alot of these kind of compositions. They work quite well when handled the way you have here.

Ron Guthrie said...

Hi Les,
I had this image printed out from a ref photo I took showing a long hazy valley scene. I meant to do it on a wide format canvas but I ran out of them. I used part of it for this painting and pretty much added the houses for interest. I'll look up William Hook. Thanks Les.