Sunday, October 21, 2007

What CAC Paint Out?

The California Art Club has 4 days a year that are "Paint Outs"...days when members of the club get together at different locatons throughout California and paint plein air. A way to meet, hang out and maybe learn a few things from other members. Sounds good right?...well, in theory maybe.

At this past saturdays' club sponsored Paint Out a grand total of 2 members showed up. Myself and the president of our local area. He couldn't stay because he had a soccer team he was coaching that day and had to leave for it. Hahaha! We chatted and it was good to meet him. Would have been nice to meet other members...any members!

So my first Paint Out was comprised of myself. To make matters worse, the minute he left the winds picked up to the point of holding my paintbox most of the time to keep it from blowing over. By noon it had become just gusty winds but by then I was tired of the fun and left.

I painted a scene I had done before, the previous Alla Prima scene but went larger, 8"x16".

Here are some pics of the day....

At least I got some more practice in.....

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