Monday, October 22, 2007

Backyard Plein Air...

Not having time to get out yesterday I decided to do a plein air piece on our deck in the backyard. I don't do this much because I see this view everyday and I guess I'm bored with it....still, I guess I can always use it to work things out when doing plein air work.
Although you can't see it, there was a view of the distant Figueroa mountains beyond this hillside with the home on it.

I was trying to do looser trees and adding colors into the sky and distant mountains...mainly a pink hue to break up the normal colors I use. I like the results but consider it like baby-steps towards experimenting. I find it really hard to try certain things with my art. Change is necessary for growth in ones work I think so I keep at it.

Here is a shot at my grasses....I've been wishing they were done better in my work lately so I'm working on them more.

This was done on birch panel which I'm finding really fun to work on when doing PA. The paint really sticks to it well and helps when trying to finish a piece in one sitting.


RGrantham said...

glad to have found your work,
you have a wonderful sense of color, light and atmosphere.

all the best,

Ron Guthrie said...

Hi Rebecca,
Thank you. Trying to add atmosphere is always a challenge but a real fun one. So many things to work on in each painting always makes the next painting something to look forward to.