Saturday, December 08, 2007

The Cafe Show...

I forgot my camera...twice! Wanted to take pics of the show reception at the cafe and forgot to take it with me that night. Then, had to go back there the next morning and forgot to take it again! A mind is a terrible thing to train.
The show recption at the Los Olivos Cafe went better than hoped...not sales-wise, I mean we actually had people show up compared to other receptions there where no one shows up. I was more worried about that than selling. We put the word out to our artist friends and former customers and we had both show up...a nice little crowd but all the ones we hoped would have come and a few who were a complete surprise.
By the end of the night we had sold another painting which is a big relief from being there for a month and selling nothing. I have to tell you...the art is lit up at night and boy did it look good! All of those who came and saw it at my Studio Tour couldn't believe how different they looked with the lights on them.
The show will run all month and lots of people will see the work so that's a good thing. I was just happy we had those who came by make it to the show...all had a fun time talking and the cafe is a great place to have a show. I'll try and get pics later this the moment I have moved back into Gallery Wrap frame maker for a friend which has been lots of fun.

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