Sunday, December 02, 2007

Artist Studio Tour Part 3

OK...the pics I had hoped to take came out terrible so I won't post any of those. It's taken me two weeks now to get around to typing this only because immediately following the studio tour I had to get last minute things ready to move a lot of my work into the restaraunt show in Los Olivos. You'd think I would have been ready but no way. As for the tour, in the end we sold 6 paintings. 2 Large pieces and 4 small paintings. I could have sold another small one twice but I let the prospective buyers know I wouldn't sell that one. It's an earlier piece that let me know I was making good progress in my painting so I'll keep that one as a reminder of the hard work.
The money was really good for "2 days of work" and the museum sent our check within a week. The museum got 30% but I get to write their part off as a donation to the museum. This was their best Studio Tour yet and everyone is already looking forward to next years show. We were smart to cover a wide price range...not everyone was driving shiney cars. Lets face it, art is a luxury so doing work for various budgets is a smart thing to do.
What did I learn?? Next year I'll get some brochures or free hand outs for people to take home reminding them of my art. I'll have more smaller pieces ready to go. People weren't drinking wine on Sunday so I only need to buy enough for Saturday. And...I'll try and get people to write legibly in my guest book and get at least an email address! Small mistakes but learned ones.

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