Sunday, January 27, 2008

Figueroa Mountains

Figueroa Mountains
Oil on stretched canvas

I received some Grumbacher Pre Test oil paints for Christmas and thought it was a good time to give them a try...good thing because I was out of Windsor Newton cadmium yellow pale! favorite yellow for making my greens with. The pre test paints work nicely and I did this one with them.
This scene is looking across the Santa Ynez valley. I just love the colors of our mountains up here. There are so many shades to them and at given times of the day they are luminous shades of blues and greens. Sometimes I think if I paint those people wouldn't believe it. I tried to capture some of that wonderful blue here...I think the intensity is a little strong in this photo but it's pretty close to this. If I painted this scene again I'd lighten the background. I worked on this one and another one at the same time. The other painting is below and you can see how light I lightened the mountains to push the distance more. When painting two paintings of the same area you tend to guage your colors off of the other painting. Fun stuff.


Ryan Evans said...

Love the sense of distance here Ron. The foreground foilage is great too with nice sky holes throught the mountains

Great painting

Ron Guthrie said...

Hi Ryan, thanks! I like how thr trees acame out here. The coloring was more of an Army OD green and versions of that. Fun stuff.

The trees around here can have a lot of different shades of green which keeps you mixing away and learning the various greens....not that I'm an expert, but mixing the right colors is half the battle of painting. The better you get at it the better your work looks. I've seen color mixes used by others that I wish I knew how they were doing it...So, I mix away trying to find that stuff.