Monday, June 09, 2008

More Mojave Desert

"Mojave Wash"

Did this one recently to add to my paintings done of the Mojave desert. It's good to paint something else besides scenes of the Central Coast of California. This is a small wash running through the desert caused by flash floods from the strong rains that come at times. It is a small 9"X12" painting.
A Detailed image of the painting......


Ryan Evans said...

Hi Ron I like the composition in this a lot


Ron Guthrie said...

Hi Ryan,
Thanks! I wanted to work on cliffs at the beach and in a smaller way this is very much like one of those so it worked for that purpose too. I also like the desert a lot and love the landscape there...not just flat arid land as one might think.
Thanks Ryan.

Dianne Mize said...

Ron, this one is special, though all your work lately is extraordinary. In this one, though, you've achieved a beautiful balance with large shadow shape agains the other shapes. This piece is just beautiful.
I'm going to look this up on WC and say the same thing if it's there.

Ron Guthrie said...

Hi Dianne,
Thanks for the really good words Dianne. I was pretty happy with this one too. I really am dying to do better work on rock or cliff faces like this so I can do ocean bluff scenes.
We have a lot of bluffs along the coastline here so it only makes sense to be able to paint them...I just don't want to spend hours down there trying to learn it when I can get the basics down here in the studio...then I'll get out there and do them like crazy.

I show work in a small gallery and was told they can't really move anything with the ocean in it but I still want to learn it. I'll try selling them some place else if I have to.
Thanks again Dianne,