Friday, June 20, 2008

Santa Ynez Meadow

This painting is another in my attempts to better myself painting-wise with trals, native grasses etc. Not so much to learn on this particular one as just for the fun of it. I composed the scene as I painted it starting with the sky and working down.

This working without a ref is really a nice change and much faster than having a scene to capture. Here you just add whatever you want and make it look good. Pretty fun stuff.

"Santa Ynez Meadow"

9" x 12" Oil on Ray Mar panel


Mark Bridges said...

I like it. Reminds me of the Julian Onderdonk show I saw this spring.

Ron Guthrie said...

Hi Mark,
That's one I've not heard of but the name alone sounds interesting! Thanks for taking a look and the comments Mark. I'll look him up.

Anonymous said...

Nice painting and interesting it's all from your mind. How long does a piece like this take you, Ron?

Ron Guthrie said...

Hi Alexandre,
These paintings don't take long at all. I think I started this one late at night before bed just painting in the sky, background mountains and tree darks. In the morning I finished the trees and painted in the grasses, trail.

I think I decided to put in the flowers the next day while working on another painting. That's what happens with me, while working on the next one you keep glancing at the one you just finished and you see things that need work or would work better or increase the interest. I try to do them while the painting is still mostly wet or tacky.

I've done little ones like this in one sitting in a few hours, Alla Prima, which I love doing. The thing about that is it is a lot like doing a plein air are only going to get so much with working on wet paint. Sometimes you need that drying time a day or two gives you for certain results. I do both and if an alla prima needs more work then that's what happens. Of course the painting isn't an alla prima painting then.

It's not as important to stick to a technique of painting, alla prima or plein air, as it is to end up with a good looking finished piece of work.
Yak yak yak huh? Thanks Alexandre.