Wednesday, May 13, 2009

The Carrizo Plain

Wanting to make good use of my reference photos taken up at the Carrizo Plain I decided to paint another scene from there. This one has more bushes and those tiny yellow flowers that were carpeting the hillsides. In the distance was the Temblor mountain range half covered in shadow by the passing clouds that day. A really nice scene of color and value changes to paint. "Carrizo Plain Springtime"
12" X 16"
Oil on Canvas Covered Panel


Teresa said...

WOW Ron you are on a roll!!! I feel like a slacker now, after taking 2 weeks to finish my last painting...these are inspiring! Great work!!!

Ron Guthrie said...

Hi Teresa,
I wish I was on a roll. Had to stop painting fora bit to take care of things like tree trimming, flat tires, yes plural, on the tractor and transferring all of my filrs and programs to a new computer thanks to a sale at Costco!, my computing has finally caught up with this decade again!!

I'm almost finished working out the bugs going from XP to Vista. XP was an excellent OS in my opinion...never a problem. Vista has already caused me to replace my 1 year old wireless antennas due to much for that sale price being what it was, hahaha.

Thanks for stopping by Teresa!