Monday, June 01, 2009

Carrizo Spring

"Carrizo Spring"
12" X 16" Oil on panel

Getting good reference photos of the Carrizo Plain in bloom has really inspired me to paint yet another scene from that area. I like painting scenes of the Mojave desert but have yet to really get out there when things are really blooming. The atmosphere of the Mojave has been what I've painted there so far. The Carrizo Plain seems to me to be about color and sky....beautiful skies out there and a lot like skies here...almost too blue to paint them. They come off looking contrived so I keep away from super blue skies. You have to look for the glitches in nature at times to form a believeable painting, hahaha.
This dirt road ran right through an area of the plain that was carpeted in beautiful gold and yellow flowers....very small flowers but formed what looked like a rolling landscape of color.

A Detail of the painting....

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