Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Grass Mountain

"Below Grass Mountain"
12" x 24" Oil on Canvas

Grass Mountain is located in the Figueroa mountains which run on the north side of our valley. You can spot Grass mountain miles away since the side facing the valley is covered only in grass and a few sparse trees. There are 3 distinct ridges that come down the front side too so it looks sort of like a hand with 3 fingers.....however it is described you would spot it in a heatbeat. I have just finished this painting of Grass mountain in the distance. This hill in the foreground is part of the Chamberlain Ranch. The cad yellow highlights on that hill are really not as intense as you see here. My camera once again loving yellow to death! These afternoon scenes work well with rich yellows and oranges but getting a good photo of the painting is always a trick with those colors.

Here is a small detail shot of the hillside trees.....

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