Wednesday, July 15, 2009

More Eucalyptus Trees

Thumbnail sketch for this painting....
I wanted to throw the type of sky I have been doing lately with a scene of eucalyptus trees across a big valley. I sketched this one out in a small thumbnail sketch and then began painting. The only prerequisite to myself was to keep the foreground dark. After finishing up I now wish I had gone with a darker sky and even darker foreground....I'll leave that for another painting down the road.

"Evening with the Giants"

12"x 24" Oil on Canvas


Mark Bridges said...

This is nice and calming. A view from the gold rush days.

Ron Guthrie said...

Hi Mark,
That would be a great summation of this one. I like seeing what this area would have looked like 200-300 years ago. I suppose that was the allure to CA being settled in the first place. Thanks!

Ralph Parker said...

Wonderful piece, Ron! The path is a perfect lead into the scene. Beautifully done, my friend.