Thursday, May 20, 2010

Along Old Friends

"Along Old Friends"
5" X 7" Oil on Panel
Another alla prima painting that I did after returning from a meeting at the Wildling Museum where we discussed plans for next Novembers Artist Studio Tour. I was preparing a canvas for a larger painting and while waiting for the gesso to dry decided to paint another small work. I painted this one to try out different sky colors and played with the distant treeline colors too. I really like this combination of colors and might just use this for the larger painting I was about to begin.
After painting in the grass I wiped out the trail using a brush and turpentine. Normally I get it really clean but this time I left it sort of stained looking with some thicker areas of "stain" and it gave the trail this sort of grungy smeared look but the colors it left were very cool....I almost didn't want to paint in the trail colors over it. I might have spent more time trying to keep that look but this is a small one that really will be used as a ref for the larger piece...I can mess with it there since there will be more room anyway.


Mick Carney said...

Most of us would be happy to produce this as the finished article not just a 'ref', great work Ron.

Marian Fortunati said...

Wonderful, Ron... I love the way the foggy light sets the back trees far way... And the glow at the top of the tree where the diffuse light shines on it.

I so wish I could make something just as beautiful ... especially in such a small piece... ...You amaze me!

Ron Guthrie said...

Hi Mick....well, it started as an attempt to use different sky colors. Then it became a finished small piece. I liked it so much that I decided to use it as a "reference" for a larger painting that I finished up today...18"x24". I didn't meant to imply that it is just a reference stands very well on it's own. Thanks buddy!

Hi Marian....You are doing some really good paintings lately Marian. You should get a hold of some small 5x7 or 6x8 panels and try some little ones....maybe you're doing them now....can't remember. You have it in you Marian...I know.

Anonymous said...

Man, I like this! Every time I see one of these, I want to paint dirt and grass and weeds... The tree is wonderful and the background and sky are superb. A really nice one, Ron.

Ron Guthrie said...

Hi Ralph....glad the painting makes you want to paint at all! Inspiration can take us so far. Thanks for the comments Ralph.

Helen Read said...

Wow, I love this one too! Wonderful composition!

Ron Guthrie said...

Hi Helen,
Thanks a bunch! I really think this came out very well for a small one. I've already painted the larger piece and it is very close to the smaller version...looks pretty cool. Thanks again.