Thursday, May 13, 2010


6"x 6" Oil on Panel

Trying out varying sky colors for evening scenes. Fun painting to do and took a record time as an Alla Prima painting. I think I did this in about a half an hour tops....not bad for alla prima results. Masonite is always such a great help when doing alla prima work...the paint really tacks up quick as the oils settle into the gesso and board. I use Copal for my painting medium so that also helps.

Anyway....I have gotten into the show up in Nipomo with my Nipomo Vista work posted below here somewhere. This is their first show like this so I'm wondering what it will be like....sounds more like a fair with art added in. I think in the long run it is a good deal because it will make some money to help with maintaining the Dana Adobe there...that's a part of California history and since the CA government chooses to waste tax payers money at great expense the Dana Adobe could use all the help it can get. The show is this Sunday but I have to run up there to drop off the painting on Saturday. I was just up there with the painting for jurying too this last Saturday...3 trips. They need to turn the jurying to "Online" jurying since this wastes time and gas running up there 3 times. I hope they get this dialed in down the line. So far though the staff working the show seem really I said, it's their first time putting on this show. Hope it's a fun one.


Marian Fortunati said...

Good luck, Ron...

I can't believe you only spent 1/2 hour on the painting... Amazing!!!

Ron Guthrie said...

Hi Marian,
Yeah...sometimes I sit down in front of the easel and see exactly what it is I want and I just mic colors and bam...wish they all went that way, lol. Plus it is a pretty small painting.

I think one thing that you build up over years of painting is your confidence in color mixing and you get much better at the stages of the thick or thin, where not to paint until it's time etc....makes a big difference compared to the painting process done years ago. Thanks Marian.

Mick Carney said...

Simplicity is so often successful and this composition certainly falls into that category. I enjoyed your response to Marian, it gave me a little optimism that my own learning would result in greater facility with the medium. Thanks

Ron Guthrie said...

Hi Mick,
You know...I kid with Linda that you can paint a tennis shoe and if it's done great the painting would work. So, instead of painting the whole valley you can concetrate on one tiny slice of it but paint it well and you should come away with a painting that works well. All the artists effort goes into making just that one spot look good and that is so much easier for an artist to it well and you've made a good solid painting. The best part of it is you learn a lot for later paintings that would include the whole valley.

You have that desire to learn Mick so you are going to do great things! Thanks buddy.