Saturday, September 18, 2010

Yellow Moon

"Yellow Moon"
12"x16" Oil on Canvas

Just finished this one up. I wanted that background very pale and boy did I get it, hahaha. This painting was done more to see how this scene would look should I choose to go larger. I had the idea for a very late afternoon scene with the moon rising. I tried to keep the moon very pale so there isn't much contrast with the sky as you can see. The painting is still sitting on my easel and the moon works better here. The photo seems to reduce what contrast there is. I tried to add contrast but then the trees start getting pretty dark...more than what's in the painting so I opted for not messing with the contrast.

Overall, I like the results and will more than likely go larger with this one soon. I'll probably add a bit more dark to my sky to increase that contrast with the moon but as it is I'm pretty happy.


John Healey said...

Hi Ron,

Thanks for stopping by! I am a big admirer of your work. Your paintings are always so perfectly balanced and harmonious. Truly beautiful work. Good to hear from you!


Ron Guthrie said...

Hi John,
Thanks too. That painting on your Blog is very nice work. The top two I liked a lot. You have a really good eye for capturing the light John.

Ryan Evans said...

Hi Ron

I love the soft contrast- think it works really well IMHO


Ron Guthrie said...

Hi Ryan,
The painting works pretty well and I'm pretty happy with it. I see minor changes I'd make in a larger version but overall I like the results.
Thanks for checking it out and the comments too Ryan. Good to hear from you.