Monday, September 12, 2011

At The Foothills Of The San Gabriels Show

Lifelong friends Lupita and Jose Fernandez and painting on the wall there
(better picture of painting below). 

Sunday 11, 2011 was the day of the show reception for the California Art Club show "At The Foothills Of The San Gabriels. This was held at the Altadena Tow & Country Club which provided the backdrop for the best CAC show I've been to since being a member. The group of CAC members who put this show on did a fantastic job of it and the staff working the show from the Altadena Town & Country Club were awesome. This place is gorgeous and coupled with the work hanging by the members of the CAC made for one heck of a show. Laura Wambsgans was there and she not only had a great piece of work, a waterfall scene, but she was a great hostess and a good friend. Thank you Laura!
  Artists' Laura Wambsgans and Bruce Boycks in front of Lauras' painting "Mountain Stream"

Several of my friends and family showed up for support and had a great time. I was hoping to see another friend of mine, Artist Marian Fortunati, but I learned she was over at the Channel Islands doing a workshop with Artist David Gallup. Marian had a great piece in the show too. About halfway through the 2 hour event my painting, "Myrtle Avenue", was sold which brought nothing but smiles from Linda and myself. I was able to talk shop with a few artist friends and in general just had a great night! I was able to hand out several show cards to help promote my September show at  Galerie Gabrie too. There were some wonderful paintings there and several in my opinion were priced below their value. If you'd like to see some of the paintings in the show you can go to the CAC page here.
 Artist Bruce Boycks, Linda and friend Jerry Gonzalez with my painting

At The Foothills Of The San Gabriels show will run from now until January 10th, 2012. You are welcome to visit the Altadena Town & Country Club to view the show, their address is 2290 Country Club Drive, Altadena, CA.


Anonymous said...

Ron, Looks like a really good show, and the venue sounds really nice and up-market. Congrats on the sale. Great photos and thanks for the link to the CAC.

Ron Guthrie said...

Hi Maggie...there were some very nice pieces entered but was a little crowded to get good pics of the work. This was a new venue for the CAC and they pulled all of the stops out, incredible venue, lots of food and wine and lots of people showed up. I had about 15 people show up.

We had about a half hour left of the reception and I found out that 5 paintings had already sold so that was great. Maybe more sold before it was finally over.

This show was badly scheduled on 9/11 and we figured we'd lose a lot of people showing up just because of that but it's almost like the reverse happened. 9/11 was being covered by most of the networks all week so maybe people were just ready for a change by Sunday. I think all of the artists were very happy with the turnout. I sure was.