Saturday, September 01, 2012

Central Coast Sunset

"Central Coast Sunset"
12"x16" Oil on Canvas Covered MDF

This painting was my warm up painting for the Quick Draw in Los Olivos this year. I used this to work out what I had in mind in painting for the event. It wasn't quite this finished looking so after the event I went back at it touching up things here and there. No sense in not finishing it up since it was painted and dry enough to go in and do the small adjustments. I like it, has that low light that I like and a really nice sense of atmosphere to it. If anything bothered me about it it has to be the canvas I'm using when making my boards. It has a tighter weave compared to most stretched canvases I've been using. Also, there is no flex to board mounted canvas compared to stretched canvas. I've been painting on stretched canvases a lot for the last year and have gotten used to that little bit of flexing of the canvas....panels are solid as a rock. What a little nitpicker I am, haha.
Here is a little detail of the painting....


Mick Carney said...

There's a real warmth to this that is perfect for depicting the time of day.

Ron Guthrie said...

Thanks Mick....yeah, I really like the colors in this one. There are some neat things going on in it so I'm pretty happy with it.