Monday, September 24, 2012

High Desert Painting

"Song of the High Desert"
12" X 48" Oil on Birch Panel

This is pitiful because once again this painting came from my winter trip to the Little Rock area in the Mojave high desert...I have other desert reference photos but the pics I took that late afternoon are ones I really like. I headed out there to paint but got a late start and when I finally got there it was freezing. Instead of painting I decided to just take reference photos waiting for the sun to set down in the town of Little Rock at a McDonalds enjoying hot coffee...yeah, I'm getting soft in my old age, haha....hey, I'm going to be 55 tomorrow! Life speeds up!

The only bad thing about this painting is I'll have to make a frame out of oak for it because of it's odd size. Of course I like working with wood so no big deal....unless one of you framers out there wants to donate some killer frame for it....I'll wait up late tonight to hear from you, hahaha....that's going to be a long wait, haha.

A detail of the looking bushes. The desert has a great assortment of plants to contend with in...or to drive you crazy with depending on how you look at it.  

A closer look at three of the plants....actually, the larger prominent plants are easier to paint than all of the background plants in between these larger ones. Slowly I'm getting better at those "filler" plants in between the larger ones.


Gina Brown said...

This is a winner, Ron. I believe this is my favorite of yours!!!

Ron Guthrie said...

Thanks Gina. Took a little longer to paint than normal paintings due to all of those desert plants. It's a nice scene with good subtle afternoon light that I really like painting.
The desert is always such a great looking place to capture on canvas and so much inspiration out there too. I really can't get enough of the late afternoon light but have yet to be able to capture it plein air....just not that quick yet...but one day.....Thanks again!

Mick Carney said...

You need a frame quick because this will walk from the gallery wall. The intricacy and movement that this produces gives never ending interest for the viewer. Work of the highest quality.

Diane Cutter said...

Ah, Ron, I agree with both posters. This is a beauty and probably my favorite to date since it speaks to my Southwestern heart.

And have a wonderful birthday!!!

Ron Guthrie said...

Hi Mick....thank you sir! I've had a great response to this painting so far...kind of took me by surprise. This took 3 days to complete and for 2 and a half days it wasn't working at all, haha. Letting it sit and coming back with fresh eyes finally brought it to the finish line.
I'll tell you though, for a while I was having my doubts it was going to work....scary! I blame that vision in my head that is always better than my talent at the moment. I think perserverance was what saved me. Thanks buddy!

Hi Diane...I love the desert especially in the evening hours. I've never painted in the southwest i.e. AZ, NM, NV, CO but have travelled throughout the areas...wish I was painting back then. Need to get out there again. Glad you like this one Diane. I think this one is special.

Ron Guthrie said...

Diane....I'm having a great day so far...all my watering is done and pancakes are being made as I speak!!! Yahoooooo! Thank you!!

Christine Brallier said...

Really beautiful, Ron! Your perseverence paid off. This painting takes me back to my childhood and desert camping trips with my dad, great times. Happy birthday!!!

Ron Guthrie said...

Hi Christine,
Yep, I remember all the camping trips we took up in Angeles Crest Forest, sometimes on the backside overlooking the desert. We've got a lot of old family photos from camping trips. Thanks for the comments on the painting Christine. This one really came together nicely in the end. My birthday was a pretty fun one this year even considering the high digits! haha Thanks!!