Tuesday, October 23, 2012


I just figured that since I had some new frames come in for pieces that I will show during the Studio Tour I'd see what some other paintings would look like in some of these frames. So I switched back and forth with paintings that fit.
 "Song Of The High Desert"
This wide desert scene is seen here in the frame I ordered for it since it is an offsize....12" x 36". Thankfully my frame company in San Diego was able to get the frame made and shipped to me right before the Studio Tour! YES!!!. This is a great combination of paint color and frame. The painting is sold already and I'm sure the owners will love this.
"Stratton In San Pedro"
Above is one of the paintings that I will submit to the Coast Guard soon for possibly jurying into their 2013 Collection. It is the National Security Cutter "Stratton". I took the ref photo the first night I boarded the ship in San Pedro, CA to go with her over the next 5 days to Alameda, CA. Was a fun trip and a great ship to be aboard. I'm not sure what the Coast Guard framing look like but it sure would look great in this one!
  "Summer Fog"
I love the fog we have been getting lately here in Solvang. I painted this one when we were not getting any and I missed it....I love fog! I like the combination of green and gold so to me this works just fine. I also like the combination of blue and black frames...anything with lots of blues looks great in black frames but that's just me.
"Securing The Stratton, Alameda"
Another NSC Stratton painting. Did I mention I like nocturne paintings in black too???..I do. This was the night we arrived in Alameda. The dock has those warm tones in it in the foreground which works nicely with the gold trim around the opening of the frame. Black just shoves your eye right into the painting...that's why I like black frames but never get to use them enough. Galleries seem to like gold frames more and I think that's because home owners consider black frames too "museum" like....too stark a contrast on todays pastel interior colors I guess.  


Christine Brallier said...

These are so beautiful, Ron! Great job framing them. The black frame works great on the nocturne, you're right. And I love the top one, I just want to walk in it and wander around. :) Have a great show! Save a piece of that lemon stuff for me, haha.

Ron Guthrie said...

Hi Christine,
Linda got a big laugh out of that "lemon stuff" comment, hahaha. That desert piece really came out nicely...good inspiration makes for good paintings. It was freezing up there the day I was taking reference photos. Tile people have it so easy! :)
Thanks Christine

Mick Carney said...

They look fabulous and oh how I wish I could find a source of those gold frames over here. You make a very good point about the black frame driving the eye into the picture and black with the gold inner is the frame of choice for me at the moment.

Ron Guthrie said...

Hi Mick,
I'm with you....black frames look great and always seem to work with just about any painting.

The gold ones are plein air style frames. I've tried a lot of them since I started painting but this model is my favorite. Plein air frames I think are a variation off of the Craftsmen, or Arts and Crafts, type of frames. All of that started back with a guy named Stickley who started the Craftsmen style of furniture. Probably why this type of frame isn't available in England....but maybe if you hunt around more you can find them or something similar.