Thursday, March 06, 2014

Coast Guard Painting for 2014

"AMLEP Boarding Mission"
18" x 24" Oil on Canvas

A couple of weeks ago I was notified that my painting "AMLEP Boarding Mission" had been juried into the 2014 Coast Guard Art Collection. This painting makes for my 8th painting into the Coast Guard art collection and I'm pretty proud of that. Long after I am gone I'm hoping these paintings will still be in the collection and shuffled about the country being seen in various shows or maybe even hanging in some government office. Leaving something behind that my two daughters would be proud of and remind them of me was my original point in becoming a painter in the first place. I'm on my way to doing just that. I'm hoping for even better paintings to be left behind to really show them what their Dad was capable of doing.
Being a member of COGAP, Coast Guard Art Program, has been a lot of fun so far. It has also been my way of helping to support the troops that serve our country. These paintings in the collection are sent all over the country to be displayed in shows that show the mission of the Coast Guard and maybe will inspire some to one day volunteer to serve. I'm happy to be a part of that.      


William Wofford, Jr. said...


This a beautiful painting, and your passion for painting the subject comes through immediately.

I love the way the orange inflatable skiff, as well as the rust color, vibrates against the weathered green of the larger ship.

Great job!

Monica Burnette said...

Congratulations, Ron!

Ron Guthrie said...

Hi Bill,
It's a good thing the CG uses orange on so much of it's equipment, haha. The weathered sides of the ship was just too much fun to paint. Nice change from gleaming clean boats in the marinas that are usually all white with blue canvas. Thanks buddy.

Hi Monica,
I appreciate it Monica!! Hope you guys didn't freeze too bad back there. Looked horrible on the TV reports Linda and I were watching. No fun getting stranded in the middle of a storm and having to sleep on the floor of your local CVS....yikes!

David King said...

Congratulations Ron!

Ron Guthrie said...

Hi David,
Hey, thanks a lot for checking out the painting and the good words!