Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Best of the Best

" Cachuma Morning"
12"x16" Oil on Canvas

I say Best of the Best not because I am describing one of my pieces but naming a show I recently entered a piece to be juried into. It is the Best of the Best show in Lompoc, Ca. at the Grossman Gallery. This is a show open to all art guilds in Santa Barbara County. Each Guild is allowed 5 pieces from their members to be juried into the show which then judges the entries during the show.

My piece entered "Cachuma Morning", did not get juried into the show. Which brings me to why I am writing this. Showing your art can be done for various reasons that are all valid. Some want the recognition, some use showing as a way to be a part of being an artist, some show as a way of being actively involved in their immediate artist guild. There are others who show to win awards and some who even show to show up their peers...the "dreggs" of art I call them.

I show to be an active part in the local art scene and to open my art to the people who live around let other artists know I'm here plugging away and yes, for the pat on the back. These are valid reasons for an artist to show.

Although my painting didn't make it into the show it's ok. I've been juried into shows before and won awards with my art so I know I'm doing ok. It is in my opinion, the Judge. Each and every one is different and selects accepted pieces based on their own criteria. I see judges as a "crap shoot". One judge says the piece is too low in value, the next judge says it is too high in value....a crap shoot.

The bottom line is this...if you get into doing the juried shows don't let one judge's decision drive you insane to the point of cutting off your ear. You could very well take that same piece you entered into another show and get juried all depends on the judge. Do good work, do your best in each piece you create and go for it! The camaraderie you find with other showing artists is worth it alone.

Today after picking up my piece three other artists and myself went to eat Mexican food...2 of us didn't make it in but 1 did and we all had a great time! We all know that it could have easily been the other way around., go for it!

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