Sunday, May 27, 2007

Central Coast Skies

This scene is really close to another I did titled "Nipomo Skies". It's the same general area and the ref photo taken the same day too. I'm calling it was it is because it is a pretty fair depiction of the skies that I see a lot in spring in the Central Coast area of California...

This one is really large, an 18"x36" stretched canvas. Had to do some large pieces sooner or later so the time was right for this one. I have some shows coming up too that I'm trying to get ready for so larger pieces will help there with the limited number of paintings I have so far.

"Central Coast Skies"

Anyway, lots of sky here and a nice wide view of the Central Coast near Nipomo, Califronia. Fields a plenty!


Ryan Evans said...

Another great sky Ron

Great clean simplicity- take care


Ron Guthrie said...

Hi Ryan,
Thanks for taking a look and the comments. Messed with this a little more today to fix a few things but it's done now.

Syd and Earl "Cueball" McCutcheon said...

I love this one! You won't believe it but I painted this same area a few years ago.....we did it again. I will look for it.


Ron Guthrie said...

Hi Syd,
We did 2 of the same scene!?!? Man, what are the odds of that, how funny! I've driven past this area a bunch of times and for some reason keep snapping shots of it like I just discovered it. It's awesome up there.