Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Framed Vineyard Scene

Art always looks better once it's framed...ALWAYS! Have you ever worked on a ppainting that, no matter what you tried, it just looked less than what you set out to paint? I've had a couple of those so far. Then for fun I'd set them in various frames and oddly enough one would make the painting look better than what it finished up as. Art always looks better framed!

I painted this vineyard scene and was pretty happy with the results. Since there was a lot of reddish tints here from the late afternoon sun setting I figured a frame with some red in it would look cool. me that means natural wood, not red stain. I looked around at various online frame sites but it's really hard to see it framed that way. I went to my local framer who had this moulding and had it made up. 3 days later I was amazed how much better this painting looked framed.

Yesterday I delivered it to a small vineyard gallery that represents my art and the owner was only too happy to take this one on board. If it sells it will become one of those paintings that you wish you had entered in shows or at least showed around to your painter friends first! I don't have enough paintings yet to keep certain ones to do just that.

Right before loading it up in the car I took this picture to make sure I at least had this to show here on my blog. I have been staying away from getting Giclee's made of my work until I feel I am cranking out really good work. One of these days that is going to happen.


Ryan Evans said...

So true Ron!

A good frame really makes the difference from an unloved painting to a work of Art!

Glad you framed this one and shared it!


Tom Brown said...

I agree with your comments about the frame. I often take a frame with me when I paint on location and hold the frame up to the art when I'm nearly done. It gives a better idea of how much more work is needed, if any. Great work.

Tom Brown

Ron Guthrie said...

Hi Ryan,
I'll tell ya, if I wasn't painting I'd get into the frame business. I'm sure their income is way more steady! hahahaha. I need about 5 more of these types of frames....need to sell something soon. Ah, the life!

Hi Tom,
That's actually a great idea! I will sometimes do the same with a painting here in the studio because I can't wait to see what the whole package will look like. Never thought to take one out PA. You have some great work on your website. Your work is full of light! Nice work Tom.

rob ijbema said...

love the big unassuming sky,the format works wel for this scene,my fav bit is that tree on the left,nice and loose.

rob ijbema said...

forgot to say,hi ron!

Ron Guthrie said...

Hi Rob,
Thanks for taking a look at this one. The owner of the small gallery that this one went to really liked this one as to see if we can find a buyer for it!...always the challenge. Thanks Rob.