Monday, May 28, 2007

Yard Sale Plein air

Catchy title eh? We had a yard sale Sunday and Monday of Memorial weekend. Spent all day Sunday twitling my thumbs do to the thousands who came by...I can count them on 2 hands. I decided I wasn't going to do that over again on Monday so I brought out my plein air rig and went at the neighbors tree again. If I paint enough versions of that one tree I'll be able to piece together a forest show.

The sky was pure blue and not a cloud in site so I messed with it a bit to throw in some interest. Naturally, the only people who came by and saw it were when it was in the early stages and didn't look like much. I did meet a lady who paints but is busy raising her son and doesn't have the time to join our local Guild...I don't know why but I always seem to be making the sales pitch for the Guild to get more artists to join it.

Here is the scene and my set-up....I've got my sky in there and the tree. I'll leave out the water tank and pine trees to the right.

And here is a shot while continuing on....I wiped in the sky and then added the tree. I then wiped in my foreground dirt and grasses area and now proceeding to add bushes from left to right aross the canvas.

And the fnished piece. I probably spent about less than an hour actually painting it but it was spread out talking and eating lunch. A little 6"x8" Oil on Ray Mar panel.


Margaret said...

Very nice Ron, good to see you are keeping up with your painting. Wish I had had time to paint at my garage sale! Someday you must join our new forum!

Ron Guthrie said...

Hi Margaret,
I'll bet your garage sale was better than ours. In 2 days of sitting out there we only made about $40.00...but I did finish a painting and keep from getting rusty at PA work at the same time. I'll go check out your new site.

John said...

Well Ron,

I like your painting style too. Fresh and painterly. You would interpret our English Landscape well, I am sure.

I have a blog, but I am beginning to tire of using it. No one looks at it! So I might cancel it. This isn't a plea for you to look, but if you do, great! You will find I am a mixed-up old guy of many interests. But I'm me!