Monday, November 12, 2007


Well, in preperation for an upcoming show I have been doing these larger pieces. I've just finished up with this 20"X40" gallery wrapped piece and jumped in the photo to give it some scale. I think it looks bigger sitting on my easel than it looks here with me next to it.

I really like this one for a few reasons. I decided when doing the background to really push atmospheric perspective and keep the transition of sky to distant mountains as subtle and diffused as would work well. The sky blends into the mountains in areas and the loose brushwork really made that work well. I dragged some of the sky colors down into the mountains which gives it a really nice distant feel, and look, to it I think.

I also moved away from my usual tree colors to add some brighter highlights. This slight push in color has added a bit of excitement to the trees I think. I did this because the trees were so dominant in this piece and if they were going to get a good look by the viewer then why not add something more to look at while they're eyes are there. I think it worked and adds a new dimension to my trees.

I'm really wanting to try new variations on my eucalyptus trees too so I have some small panels I'll be messing with soon just on trees.


Ryan Evans said...

Hi Ron

Saw this first on WC but wanted to comment here too.

This is a great one and will look even better framed (they always click once the frames there eh!)

The sky holes for me are the show-stealer- love the glimpse through you get on the one on the horizon.

THis show is gonna be good with all these monster works. Good to see you at the easel too you have that 'finshed, 2 in the morning' look!


Ron Guthrie said...

Hi Ryan,
You bet, this will really be an eye catcher at the show at the restaraunt. We had the Studio Tour this weekend and everytime people walked into the studio and saw this one on the easel I had some great comments and even a few gasps. I have been tired all week! hahaha. Thanks Ryan for the comments. It's always great to hear from you.