Saturday, November 17, 2007

Artist Studio Tour Part 2

10:45 PM Saturday Night.....
All of the hard work paid off. Contrary to what I was told we had visitors after another they came in and I was on my feet from 7 AM till 8 PM. Some were fellow artists and a lot were people wanting to see art. I had some really good conversations and received plenty of compliments. Sold 4 paintings and a print. People were grabbing plenty of brochures and business cards so maybe they will remember the art down the line and come to future shows.
I had planned on taking pics during the day if anyone showed up but was so busy talking and being a good host I really forgot to take any. Sorry...I'll take some tomorrow or hand the camera to someone if it gets busy.

Between 4-7 there was a show reception at the museum and lots of people showed up. An elderly man walked up to me there mentioning that he ran out of time to get to my place but promised he'd be there tomorrow so that was really cool. I talked with some of the other artists involved and they all had good days, lots of visitors and sales. Very cool! We are all in the same Guild so we have become pretty good friends who really respect each others talents and goals and support each other. That's one of the very cool aspects of being in a Guild.

Highlights of the day.....Some of my fellow Guild artists not involved in this showed up to add their support which was very cool. It was great to see retired people and 20 somethings all showing up with one thing in common...a love of art. Shows that art will always be appreciated as time goes by, even in a bad economy. Aspiring artists of various ages showed up and asked for my 2 cents which I gladly shared and we tossed ideas back and forth.

It was a good day today! Hope tomorrow goes well. Even if I don't sell a thing tomorrow, today has already made up for it.


Teresa said...

I am really happy for you Ron, what an exciting weekend!Congrats on the sales! Your studio looks great, beautiful set up....lovely work! Bravo!

Ron Guthrie said...

Thanks Teresa! This weekend really worked out great and we sold 6 paintings and a print. Made some great contacts and although it was tiring we had a great time. The studio is all straightened where am I going to paint!?!?, hahaha.