Thursday, March 06, 2008

Foxen Canyon Field

"Foxen Canyon Field"
Oil on Gallery Wrapped Canvas

I saw this scene one day while driving in Foxen Canyon. That pale blue sky behind the warm earth tones got to me fast and out came my camera. Back in the studio I decided to paint it on 20"x20" gallery wrapped canvas that I had made. I think it is a very cool painting. I have been striving to get grasses painted better so this was a good excercise for that. Sometimes the loose stuff is the hardest stuff to paint. I think I'll make a frame for this one.


Ryan Evans said...

Hey Ron I really like this one!

Sense of depth is great and the foreground is really well handled, the warm comes through in the grass and it definitely makes is feel close

Get that frame made!


Ron Guthrie said...

Hi Ryan,
I've since added another wooden post and realigned the other to form a fenceline that receds. I figure it will beat everyone to mentioning why use an even number. Hahaha.
I need to pick up some more wood to build the frame but lately I've been painting my butt off so I'm going to go with the flow while it lasts.
Thanks for the comments Ryan...hope you guys are getting some summer weather finally.