Thursday, March 06, 2008


Well, just finished doing another painting and the session ran into the wee hours of the morning. I'm trying to catch up to all of the paintings I have not done due to life creeping up on me lately. I actually love to paint into the late night...things are quiet, no one else is awake to bother me and radio just gets better without all of the commercials. The painting on top was finished a few days ago and the one on the bottom took me a day to do. It would have been Alla Prima but I kept stopping to run errands in the car and go eat lunch in front of the tv to catch up on the campaign. I'm loving Alla Prima but I'm still at that stage where if I plan it it doesn't happen...something always stops me. Now I try and sneak up to it! Too this pic right before I went to bed because I wanted to see what the painting looked like when the lights were on it. It was late...or early, about 2AM. The top one is now dry enough for me to sign my name...that will be tomorrow for the bottom one. I try and do that before I move it somewhere else to finish drying because I'll forget until the day I need it for a show or something. So many things to remember.....

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